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Your Ultimate Guide to Complying with Everett, Washington's Airbnb Laws in 2023.

In the Pacific Northwest, Everett, Washington, is a well-liked vacation spot with many attractions and things to do. Located in Snohomish county, Everett is a transportation center because of its sizable Boeing aircraft factory, well-known U.S. Navy Base (Naval Station Everett), Paine Field Airport, and active ports. Everett is also home to the Angel of the Winds arena & convention center, which hosts many concerts, events, and the Everett Silvertips of the Western Hockey League.

Due to its proximity to Seattle—just 25 miles south—Everett sees a large influx of tourists.

Given that, there's a prime opportunity to invest and make money off of short term rentals as an airbnb host. If you are considering becoming a host or already have a rental property, be mindful of new regulations and ordinances. While there are many benefits of putting up your residential unit for rent, it's crucial to understand the regulations.

Many cities and counties are beginning to regulate short-term rentals as Airbnb rises in popularity. In this blog article, we will talk about the existing airbnb laws, local laws, and what they entail for hosts and guests.

Everett Airbnb Laws for a short term rental property

The Everett City Council passed new rules if you have a short term rental property or unit (including Airbnb) in July 2019. The enforcement of these rules began on September 1, 2019. The new rules safeguard resident housing options while ensuring neighbors' and visitors' security and well-being.

Where are Short Term Rentals Allowed in Everett?

As defined by the City of Snohomish's STR page: "Short-term rentals are allowed in any zone where dwelling units are allowed (i.e. Single-family, all three multi-family zones, Commercial, Historic Business District, Business Park, and Midtown District zones). Short-term rentals are not allowed in commercial spaces, although they may be allowed in housing units within commercial zones."

What rules apply to Airbnb in Everett, Washington?

In Everett, the following process and steps must be taken if you operate an Airbnb and want to be compliant with local regulation:

Obtain a business license: Before renting out your short term rental property or unit on Airbnb, hosts or homeowners must acquire a municipal business license from the city clerk's office. You can find the steps to do so here. We've also included a short guide below:

Step 1: Visit to sign into or create a BLS account with the Washington State Department of Revenue (DOR).

Step 2: Submit an application for a Snohomish City endorsement if you currently have a Washington State business license. You can apply for a Washington State and City of Snohomish license simultaneously if you don't already have one.

Step 3: Be sure to apply for a "Snohomish General Business" license (short-term rentals are not considered home occupation businesses).

Step 4: Snohomish officials will check your application when Washington State has completed it and either activate your license or get in touch with you if there are any problems. When the activation of your license occurs, DOR will send you a message.

Please be aware that these licenses must be renewed yearly, and that DOR will send you an email reminder when it's time.

If you're a property owner or host and want to rent out your unit, you must register your short term rental unit with the city clerk's office and provide liability insurance documentation. This is effectively your short term rental license.

Pay taxes: As an owner, you must collect and pay applicable taxes. For Everett, this means collecting 3% lodging tax fee and send it to to the City of Everett, Washington by hosts. You can find a further explanation of taxes in the Everett municipal code.

Occupancy limits: The number of bedrooms and size of a short-term rental determine the maximum number of visitors permitted per unit. Per Snohomish County, that means not renting to the same party for more than 30 consecutive days, and only renting to a single party. A party is a group of persons gathering for the same social purpose.

Hosts may only rent out their primary residence (i.e., the property where they live) for a maximum of 90 days per year if they are not present. There is no exemption to this rule.

Safety requirements: Hosts must abide by safety standards, such as maintaining operational smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Mother-in-law flats and backyard cottages are auxiliary housing units that a host cannot use as short term rentals.

Why are these rules required?

These rules are essential to prevent short-term rentals from impairing Everett residents' quality of life. For example, Everett can keep track of how many short term rental properties and operators are in operation and ensure they adhere to safety rules by asking hosts to get a business license and register their rental with the city. In addition, they may raise money to support services and infrastructure by levying a hotel tax.

How do these rules impact visitors?

While comparing Everett to other cities, visitors may notice a few distinctions. For instance, the maximum occupancy cap can be lower than they're used to, and the rental must adhere to specific safety regulations. Yet, these rules are in place to guarantee visitors' security and welfare so they may relax and enjoy their time in Everett.

The overall goal of any Everett Airbnb regulation is to ensure the security and welfare whether you are an owner of an Airbnb, renter, or are still in the research process. Guests should be ready for a different experience compared to other cities, and hosts should be informed of these policies and ensure they are compliant. As a result, hosts, visitors, and the area can foster a welcoming and long-lasting short-term rental community in Everett.


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