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13 Tips for Designing and Decorating Your Vacation Rental (Redfin Article Feature)

Stay Flourish was named an expert on Redfin

for managing and designing vacation rentals.

Check out the recent Redfin article we were

featured in:

If you’re thinking about buying investment

property or turning your own home into a part-

time vacation rental, creating the perfect

experience goes beyond surface-level

aesthetics. It’s about capturing the essence of

your property’s location, ensuring comfort and

convenience, and adding personal touches that

resonate with your guests. In this Redfin article,

we dive into essential strategies to transform

your short-term rental (STR) into a haven of

relaxation and delight.

Discover how to curate spaces that resonate

with the culture of your locale, whether it’s the

beachy vibes of Oklahoma City or  Katy, Texas.

Learn from industry experts and seasoned

hosts who share insights on interior design,

hosting strategies, and the art of leaving lasting

impressions. By the end, you’ll be equipped

with the knowledge and inspiration needed to

create a standout vacation rental that not only

delights guests but also ensures their return for

unforgettable getaways and more five-star


Read the full article here: Tips on Designing &

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