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Short Term Rentals. Long Term Profits.

Why Short Term Rentals?

  • Higher profit potential

  • Increase your rental revenue by 2-3X

  • Buy real estate in a down market 

  • No eviction hassle 

  • Flexibility - no year long contracts 

  • Rapidly scale your portfolio

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Running a short term rental is a full time job

Possible Hassles and Issues: 

  • Airbnb Cleaner: "Hey, something came up last minute and I will not be able to clean your unit."

  • Airbnb Guest: "We were cooking bacon but the exhaust fan doesn't work so we're leaving. Airbnb has refunded us and said they will freeze your account for safety violations. One star review." 

  • Airbnb Guest: "Hi, before I book could you please tell me the precise internet speed your router offers?"

  • Neighbor: "Sounds like there is a party at your unit so I called the cops. I hope your place is okay..."

Minimized Headaches.
Maximized Returns.

The Solution?

With Stay Flourish, owning a short term rental will feel like a paid vacation where you can enjoy the following:

  • Phone and distraction-free vacations

  • Extra income to use

  • Time with family

  • Scaled and strengthened portfolio

  • Other investment opportunities



We built the SPARK tool, which evaluates market wide data and instantly adjusts nightly rates to maximize revenue.  Every price is checked by one of our team members before it’s approved.

Revenue Guarantee

We offer to match or exceed standard long term rental income. This guarantee removes risk for the investor and opens the door to massive profit. It's rare to find a real estate opportunity with no downside and only massive upside. 

Airbnb Algorithm

Airbnb recently updated the algorithm they use to rank properties. Airbnb hides properties from potential guests that don't have a high ranking. We do in-depth research and perform testing to boost your rankings and revenue. 

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